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The Three Yells is a Seattle-based modern dance company founded by Artistic Director Veronica Lee-Baik. Since its inception in 2000, The Three Yells is known for its exciting athleticism and striking visual images. The Company’s mission is to create works that deals with issues of today which are very real and pressing, investigate topics that fly under the radar and invoke experiences that connect and engage the community in ways that promote understanding across social boundaries. 

The Three Yells seek to connect people from diverse backgrounds with the universal language of movement. Despite differences in skin color, gender or religion, we are all ultimately connected to one another. Some of its most celebrated creations are The Woman That Was Not There, Remember Me, To Restrain The Pillow, Jane, Moon Falling, Her Name Is Isaac, and Giselle Deconstruct. 

The company has performed at Seattle’s the Cornish Playhouse, 12th Avenue Arts, Velocity Dance Center, On The Boards, Frye Art Museum, Northwest Asian American Theatre, Soil Gallery, Bumbershoot, Seattle University, Portland’s Conduit, and Singapore’s Victoria Theatre.

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Artistic Director / Choreographer


Born in Singapore, Veronica Lee-Baik studied art and dance. She is a visual artist whose medium of choice is the body using it as a tool for expression and communication. Her approach to movement activates the senses to become fully alive and involved. She founded The Three Yells to explore and translate social, political, and cultural issues through multidisciplinary performance. The Three Yells is a continual process of discovering her artistic voice as a choreographer and teacher. Lee-Baik has never been one to hew to traditions. Her idiosyncratic approach has been described as “a clear eye for an unusual landscape—her stage pictures are distinctive and disturbing.”

Lee-Baik is a recipient of the Artist Trust James W Ray Venture Project Award, 4Culture Arts Project Award, Seattle Office of Arts & Culture City Artists Projects Award, Artist Trust GAP, Seattle Office of Arts and Culture smART grant. She was artist-in-residence for the 2015/16 Cornish Playhouse Arts Incubator Award which resulted in the first ever project produced by Cornish Presents.